New Build

Do you want to build a new house but don’t quite know where to start?

Working alongside skilled local craftsmen, we aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive “new build” package. This service will help us to help you plan, design and build your new home.

Support and advice on the regulations and legal requirements involved in a new build; including gaining planning permission and building warrants.

Maybe you know roughly what kind of house you want but need some inspiration.  Our highly qualified staff can help you make your ideas a reality by working with local architects and planners to ensure your final design is viable.  From pre-designed timber frame houses tailored to your individual requirements or adapting an existing design to your needs, we are here to assist you every step.

Our team of skilled estimators are dedicated to providing our customer with a competitive quote for the design and build of your new home.

Finally, alongside local Masons, Electricians and Plumbers, our staff will strive to build your home within a specified period of time. We pride ourselves on providing a quality finish on all our jobs, no matter how big or small.